Greece. My own picture. 

We (Matt and I) haven’t traveled with Alexandra yet and haven’t planned anything big for this year. Every summer I get a case of wanderlust. This year I’m working to close my eyes and pretend I’m there and not surrounded by piles of laundry. Are you planning something? Please do, and tell me all about it.

15 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight. I’ve treated the don’t wash your hands on an airplane rule as gospel for years. Disgusting. Excuse me, I need to go wash my hands for good measure.

I (Amy) am vindicated for being the crazy mom who tick checks her child. Especially after we spend time at Drumlin Farm, Josiah’s favorite place on earth. Anyone else out there? Say it loud. Say it proud. The Year of the Tick 

Occasionally we chat about the sizes of our houses. Amy, our houses are huge! Life inside coffin cubicles. 

The other night I (Amy) peeped my head into Josiah’s room and found him sitting and looking through books at way-too-late o’clock. I appreciated this article.

Duchess Kate was at Wimbledon. Apparently, this look was divisive from hair to dress. Amy give is a thumbs up but Aleece isn’t sold. Judge for yourselves.

In our pretend lives where we go out and wear fancy things:
From Amy: I’ve been drooling over this dress for weeks. It has pockets!!!!!!! (Its on sale!)
From Aleece: this is a fantastic dress for anyone mom. Its fun and flattering. Pass me a Bellini.

Have fun loves. Go Crazy! Eat an extra slice of watermelon. We won’t tell.

x Aleece+Amy


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